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Reading SQL Server and Azure Data Services User Group - September 2018

Hi all and welcome back!

Two of my colleagues, Matt and Jon, have asked if they could tag team a whole evening dedicated to Azure Data Services and they've done a great job in putting together what looks like an awesome evening...

Migrating your on-premises solutions to Azure Data Services

Spend an evening with two of Coeo’s Consultants, Matt and Jon, as they take you on a journey of data platform modernisation using Microsoft Azure. At Coeo, we work with organisations who want to modernise both their data and application workloads in the Cloud. This session will give attendees a glimpse at what we do. The evening will be split into two parts; each part will focus on a different element of a sample solution. In Part 1, Matt will take you through the process of migrating the data to Azure SQL Database, followed by part 2 where Jon will take the migrated data and consume it within Azure Logic Apps.

Featured Presentation:

Part 1: Migrating your data layer to Azure SQL Database

Matt Robertshaw Coeo

Azure SQL Database has become one of Microsoft’s most strategic platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings. It is a rapidly growing, fully managed platform that can support a variety of application workloads. In recent years, the tools that enable you to migrate to Azure SQL Database have matured significantly. One such tool is the Azure Data Migration Service; a single, comprehensive managed service that enables you to simplify your database migrations to Microsoft’s cloud platform. In this session, we’ll take a closer look at Azure SQL Database and your options for migrating to Azure using tools such as the Data Migration Assistant and Data Migration Service. Using these tools we’ll migrate our sample solution’s database to Azure SQL Database, ready for our modernised application that uses Logic Apps in Part 2.

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Part 2: Re-platforming your integration layer to use Logic Apps

Jon Gurgul Coeo

Logic Apps provide a way to quickly and efficiently develop workflow. It is perhaps the easiest of all the Azure products to get started with as it is designed to be very friendly to develop with as most of the heavily lifting in regards to complexity has already been done for you. This really is a product that you can pick up and start using right now to solve real world problems in the cloud, hybrid or on premises environment! In this session we'll migrate a typical 3rd party data load from a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package to Logic Apps. We'll look at the pros and cons of Logic Apps and see how it fits in the modern tooling available.

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