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Please come and join fellow IT Professionals for an evening of knowledge sharing and networking in an open, friendly environment.

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Reading SQL Server and Azure Data Services User Group - April 2019

Hi everyone. This is the first meeting of 2019 and we've got a cracking line-up for you!

Terry McCann from Advancing Analytics and Mike Goatly, Software Architect at Coeo, have both very kindly agreed to present. This is their first time presenting for us and they're both absolute superstars so I'm sure it'll be a really great evening.

In other news, Emma Zambonini from Coeo has very kindly agreed to join me as a user group leader and is way more organised than me which I'm sure we'll all benefit from.

Christian Bolton

Featured Presentation:

Using git and Azure DevOps to share and maintain scripts

Mike Goatly Coeo

Whether you’re working in a team or on your own, it’s a good idea to have your scripts in source control. This session will explain how you can use git and Azure DevOps to manage this process, keeping things as simple as possible for those with no experience of using them before.

About Mike :

Getting started with Azure Databricks

Terry McCann, Principal Consultant Advancing Analytics

Why should you attend this session? Let me be blunt. If you know Spark, you will earn more money! It is that simple, trust me. Big Data is being democratised by tools such as Azure Databricks. The barrier to entry has not been removed, but it has been lowered.If you look at any of Microsoft’s analytical reference architectures, Azure Databricks is a core component. Spark needs to be top on your list of skills for 2019. In this session I will introduce what Databricks is, where it came from and how to get started with it. This topic is huge, so we will keep it high level, but relevant to the data professional. So if you want to keep up to date and earn more money, you need to attend this session.

About Terry:
Microsoft MVP. Principal Consultant and Owner of Advancing Analytics Limited, an Advanced Analytics consultancy in the UK. Advancing Analytics helps businesses advance their analytical capabilities. Our focus is on Data Science, Data Engineering, DataOps and applied AI. Terry holds a Master's degree in Data Science - with a focus on DataOps for Machine Learning. Speaker at conferences across the world and the host of the Data Science in Production Podcast.




















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